Let it snow

Leise rieselt der Schnee

It was created almost exactly at this time a year ago. The Christmas photo 2020. For grandparents, friends and family. What we may have felt back then, but certainly not yet known: It was created in one of our vineyards that we have been cultivating since January. In Langenlois. In the Kühstein. We visited the vineyard for the first time a year ago. We liked it straight away. These long lines have a very special energy. And yet we weren't quite sure whether we should and can really take this risk. Cultivate vineyards yourself. The two of us. With three children. That seemed a bit crazy to us.

But we did it. The lease contracts were signed in January. And it worked out well. It was probably one of the best decisions we've ever made. They grounded us. Brought us closer to nature. Some things were put in the right light again. And showed us how important the right footwear is. You are standing in the vineyard in snow, mud and 30 degrees alike.

When you need time to think ... Then you drive into the vineyard. When the ceiling falls on your head ... Then you drive into the vineyard. If you need a bouquet of flowers ... Then you drive into the vineyard. If you don't know what to do with your energy ... Then you drive into the vineyard. And if everything gets on your nerves ... Then you drive into the vineyard too.

Our vineyards. They have become a gem. That has grown very dear to us. And now we're looking forward to the coming year. We are allowed to replant 2 vineyards. And accompany and support them as they grow and prosper. With everything that is available to us.

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