Harvest time


Sunday, September 25th, 2021. Fantastic weather. 10 people. A vineyard. Start of the harvest for WeinSchach. Together with our team, we quickly found the rhythm and processes that were right for us. With a lot of fun, enthusiasm and precision we brought in the entire harvest for this year on 5 days. A big thank you at this point to all our helpers. In the vineyard. In the kitchen. In the cellar. While preparing. When following up. We couldn't have done this without friends and family.

The quality of the grapes? Really great. High sugar together with high acidity promise a mature and at the same time very aromatic vintage.

And then it was time to press. Whole cluster pressing. Like in Champagne. Why do we press the grapes with their stalks and stems? We expect more fruit and freshness in our Pet Nat. The kids love the grape juice. A good sign for us. Our cellar master (Andreas) fills the juice into steel tanks.

Now the time of waiting and measuring begins. Waiting and measuring. Waiting and measuring. When there is 10 grams of residual sugar, we fill the bottle with the fermenting must. And yes, it has to be exactly 10 grams. To the point. It can happen that you drive down to the cellar at 3 a.m. for filling. There were 13 tanks in total. Wait and measure 13 times. We managed to fill them all at the right time. We ended up with around 6,000 bottles.

The fermentation is now completed in the bottle. And then we have to be patient. Until the wine has unfolded. Has developed its character. Was able to consolidate its taste profile. It's really not easy. We are very curious to see whether our expectations have been met, or perhaps even exceeded. We know more about Christmas. Then we will taste the first bottles. Update follows. Promised.

And now we're going to take a break. Until the pruning continues.

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