WeinSchach - a project based on conviction and passion

WeinSchach that's us, Martina and Andreas Schachenhuber. We were born with the wine gene, so to speak, as we both come from winemaking families. And even if we have always liked to have a good glass of wine, at first we ended up in completely different directions professionally.

And then at some point the moment had come. The passion for wine has become so great that we took the risk. Together. We put our corporate careers on hold in order to dedicate ourselves to the subject of wine and Pet Nat with full conviction. It is the goal of both of us that you feel this passion and conviction in all aspects of WeinSchach.

There must be a better or at least different approach to this... It all began like this, or at least something like that. Quite a few things have changed since that first thought. WeinSchach has evolved. And has grown. But the most important thing has remained the same.

We question (almost) everything. We take nothing for granted and we are not satisfied with answers like "everyone does it that way" or "it has always been done that way". We research the Internet, read specialist literature, attend online courses and talk to colleagues inside and outside the industry with one major goal: to guarantee the best quality with every sip of WeinSchach. We subordinate all of our decisions to the determination of excellence. On a small as well as on a large scale. In the vineyard as well as in the wine cellar.

We at WeinSchach are convinced that nature has everything to offer, that is necessary to produce exceptional wine. We are here to accompany. To support. To strengthen. In this way we can harvest grapes with a maximum of character and finesse. The wine should then develop freely in the bottle. Develop its full aroma. Find its balance.

Our goal, a Pet Nat on par with the great sparkling wines of this world. To do this, we experiment. We want to get to the bottom of possibilities. Developing ourselves. Exceed limits. Even if that sometimes means - back to the start. We are convinced that great wines are created from these experiences.

And that we work organically in the production of our sparkling wines, harvest, riddle, and disgorge by hand is the logical consequence.